Since our first store in April 2007 in South Korea, we have been operating franchises
Worldwide and operating 70 internationally in locations such as the United States, Guam,
China, Vietnam, Guatemala, and Cambodia.

Through the slogan "Well-Being", we are doing our best to provide you with healthy and
delicious chicken.

We offer customers a simple, soft, premium oven-fried chicken that bakes local chickens at 428°F and
premium fried chicken that is crispy fried with Vons’s exclusive use.

We always provide healthy and most delicious well-being chicken to customers.

We are a California corporation formed on July 1, 2020.
Our principal business address is 3435 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 460, Los Angeles, CA 90010.
We do business under our corporate name "Vons Chicken F&B” and our brand name "Vons Chicken.”
We do not do business under any other name.
We own and operate one Vons Chicken Restaurant, of the type being franchised, in Torrance, California.
We have not offered franchises for any other line of business. We have the following affiliates.

We are a master franchisee of B.A.G. Vons Co., Ltd., a South Korean corporation ("Master Franchisor") for the United States.
The Master Franchisor has granted us the right to operate, and sub-license to franchisees
the Vons Chicken business format and system (the "System") relating to the establishment and
operation of Vons Chicken Restaurants.

Vons Chicken F & B, Inc.

korean Fried Chicken, Vons Chicken!
Vons Chicken is heading for the world